Bar Sugo: Traditional Meets Modern Meets Baby Cabbages

by Maria on December 11, 2013

It’s taken me a while to get to Bar Sugo, but I knew I had to get there fast when I heard they had brussels sprouts back on the menu. When I ran into owner, Pat Pasqarela at the gym, the first thing he said to me (other than Hello) was, “We have brussels sprouts!” I’ve known Pat since highschool. Yes, we had various classes together, but our most fun was Italian. Pat was often tired during class because he’d be up working late in the kitchen at a local restaurant. The day after our junior prom, Pat personally cooked up chicken parm and spaghetti for a friend and I as we lounged on the couch all day. While I’m sure Pat’s chicken parm is still stellar, his variety of dishes and expertise has grown exponentially since then. While he’s lent his apron over to Paul Faila (another highschool friend of mine), Bar Sugo is still his baby.

Since Renata and I work in Norwalk, we were able to get to Bar Sugo within 10 minutes after work one night. Naturally, we took our seats at the bar and ordered our drinks. While the cocktails all sounded wonderful, I went with the Riesling.

Renata opted for a gin and cucumber cocktail.

She had predicted I would get “drink envy” and I hate to say it, but she was right. My Riesling was delicious but her drink was outstanding! I love gin cocktails and the cucumber was crisp and refreshing. I will definitely order it in the future, especially since they have 1/2 price cocktails daily from 4-7pm.

We started with the sprouts of course. The description alone hinted at the uniquness to come. Fried, squash, sherry and honey…all sound amazing right? All true, except they were even sprinkled with ricotta salata once they arrived in front of us.

Of course, the fact that these babies were fried automatically meant crunch, which makes me happy. The size and texture were also spot on.

The squash added a delicate flavor but did not take away from the sprouts themselves. The squash was also complimented by the sweetness from the honey. We finished every last one.

Since we can’t have a meal on sprouts alone, Renata ordered the “Sugo’s meatballs” which were a combination of beef, veal and pork.

And since I’m more of a seafood lover, I opted for the grilled octopus.

This is the way octopus should taste and I’m so glad my feelings were validated after the overly tough octopus I had at Post 154. It was grilled to perfection and sliced very easily with my knife. Not chewy, not tough, but tender. The potatoes were a great addition as were the kale chips. They were crunchy and perfectly salted. I even shared one with Renata. Just one.

I felt perfectly content with my meal and my belly was happy. But we were surprised with a wonderful “apple crisp” panna cotta from Chef Paul. While I don’t go out of my way to order dessert, I will never turn it down.

The caramel drizzle and crunch on top was a perfect ending to our meal. Overall, we were pleased as you can tell from our scores.

While we only had a few dishes, I know I have to come back for everything else! I’m sure I can convince friends to come along considering their variety of meatballs and pizza! Half price cocktails help too.

What language did you take in high school?

What dish looks best to you?



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