Ring of Fire, Acpuncture and Lychee Martinis

by Maria on February 26, 2012

Friday seems FOREVER ago but that’s when I participated in a free demo class at my gym, The Edge. The class is called “The Ring of Fire.” You can check out the video on their site for a visual representation since it’s super hard for me to explain it. My favorite part? The monkey bars! I felt as though I was back in the 2nd grade on the playground. It was awesome! Minus the part of my nail polish chipping. #girlproblems

After working up a “sweat,” I came home for a salmon burger dinner. I had been buying my salmon burgers from Trader Joe’s for years! They’re absolutely delicious and contain only salmon, no other crazy ingredients. Well, about 6 months ago, I stopped seeing them. Last week, I gave it another try and behold! TJ’s have repackaged their salmon burgers! The patties are now smaller in diameter but thicker than they were previously. If you haven’t had these before you HAVE to give them a try!

Saturday began with heavy chest at the gym (per usual). It was followed by an acupuncture session. That’s correct, I tried acupuncture for the 1st time. I have heard great things about it for curing ailments and getting rid of smoking addictions. Fortunately, I don’t have either of those but what I do have is — low estrogen. Yes. I don’t care to share my biz with the world but I’ve had issues with it for years and refuse to give in to replacement meds. No thank you! I thought I’d give this a try instead and thanks to Groupon, it only cost me $39! I don’t have much of a review of this since it was pretty basic and I don’t think 1 session will do much. By the way – I totally tried to take a picture of the little needles sticking out of my abdomen but it was just NOT happening.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, my best friend Mary is getting married in just TWO short weeks! Her soon to be hubby was being treated to his bachelor party so I thought it’d be a good idea for a fun girls night. Mary, myself & two of my friends from work ventured out to the outskirts of Greenwich.  We seriously thought GPS was sending us out to the middle of nowhere but we found this cute little Asian tapas restaurant, Bambou hidden in a residential area. What really made us decide to go here was the inclusion of Lychee Martinis on their menu. If you’ve never experienced this tasty little concoction – you my friend, are missing out! Lychee is a fruit usually found in Asia. It’s extremely popular in Chinese & Thai cuisine which is why you’ll typically find it on the menu at Asian restaurants. They are my favorite and when I’m lucky enough to find the fresh fruit at the grocery store I snatch up enough for myself AND Mary.

I was too deeply engrossed in fabulous conversation with the ladies that I neglected to take any other pictures during dinner. You just need to know that it was yummy! We ventured out to Barcelona in Greenwich. Now, it was VERY windy out and temperatures were in the upper 20s, low 30s. Temperature inside? At least 90° of pure body heat!  Regardless of the crowd at Barelcona, we danced our little  feet and butts off! Really. Ask Jenny or Alli and they’ll tell you. One of the highlights of my night was running into one of my old co-workers from Origins, Deanna. It was such a fancy surprise, especially since we’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to make plans and catch up. I love those types of surprises.

Jenny, Alli & Me

Despite a later than usual night, I still got to the gym this morning for heavy legs. I promise, the “heavy” post will be coming to you shortly.  I enjoyed the rest of my “lazy” Sunday with a quick trip to Target and picked up my dress for Mary’s wedding. Now it’s just a matter of getting it altered. Because I’m such a munchkin, I need about a foot & 1/2 of fabric taken off the bottom and the straps taken in.

Unlike the past 2 Sundays of chocolate covered cookie dough balls and cake batter blondies, there was NO baking today. On purpose. My co-workers actually requested some of the healthier clean eats I make for myself. This week’s treat will be mock Shamrock Shakes!  Check back this week for the goods!

Questions for YOU:

Have you tried acupuncture or other alternative medicines?

Did you indulge in any cocktails or good eats this weekend?

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funfreshfit February 26, 2012 at 10:57 pm

Ohh I’ve been meaning to try salmon burgers! I want to but am a little afraid because I’m a super picky eater haha. And I may have indulged in a parfait today…hehehe :)


mgpappa February 27, 2012 at 9:05 am

You should totally give them a shot. I promise it’s delicious!!!


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