MIMM: Easter Funday

by Maria on April 21, 2014

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you all enjoyed your Mini Eggs, Peeps, Marshmallow eggs and jelly beans! But I hope you’re all done because Easter is over. Put the candy down.

I had a pretty fabulous Easter if I do say so myself! For starters, my best friend had her baby!! Kaydence Felicia joined us on Friday and both baby and Mom are doing great!

The start to my marvelous Spring wardrobe…or so I thought. I had every intention of purchasing more colorful clothing but I somehow ended up with this and did not realize it until I left the mall. Better luck next time!

 photo mimm421shopping_zps609ffe75.jpg

I had a not so marvelous drive down to Stamford this weekend. I made a big mistake by taking 95, which lead to an additional 30 minutes of traffic! Luckily it was a 2003 countdown on Pop2k. I was just a freshman in college back then so it definitely transported me back. A little 50 Cent anyone?

 photo mimm421sirius_zps59d8071f.jpg

I finally made it down and had a marvelous time visiting Mary, her hubby Matt and new baby. Kaydence is so precious, and tiny. Too tiny for me to hold. I’m just going to give her about 6 months and then holding her will be a possibility.

Brie and I had a marvelous brunch at Zaza after our visit. I had a lovely afternoon sangria.

 photo mimm421brunch_zpsa73aeaef.jpg

And a marvelous omelette. I requested broccoli rabe but my waitress took that to mean bacon, but I didn’t complain. Who complains about bacon? Not me!

 photo mimm421brunch2_zps45a9a063.jpg

A little blurry, or was that just my perception after the sangria?

Easter Sunday was extra marvelous with an egg hunt for my nieces.

 photo mimm421hunt_zps191f6089.jpg

The three of us have similar styles. Sassy sequins all around.

 photo mimm421shoes_zps2d93364e.jpg

Luca was rocking some marvelous sunglasses while just hanging and eating some grapes. Of course this was after he was terrorizing us all with his bubble machine.

 photo mimm421luca_zps16389e1c.jpg

Marvelous eats. I made chili and cinnamon rubbed pork again along with bacon wrapped asparagus.

 photo mimm421pork_zpsd7cb966c.jpg

I had also made a kale salad but that just wasn’t as exciting.

And here’s a pretty marvelous article – 10 Real Life Inspirations Behind these Iconic Disney Characters. I just feel its quite appropriate since everyone is on a Frozen kick lately.

Did you splurge on your favorite Easter candy? 

What’s marvelous in your Monday?

 photo 2053607641370102151213_zps7412e731.png

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Easter Goes Paleo: Recipe Round Up

by Maria on April 16, 2014

Celebrating Easter this weekend? Are you a procrastinator like me? Okay, glad to know I’m not alone. I’ve managed to round up some potential recipes and figured I’d share them with you before you make your trip to the grocery store.

Just a couple things before I start sharing. One, these recipes are all Paleo. Two, you don’t have to tell your guests they are Paleo (unless they prefer it or they have Gluten intolerance). Personally, I come from a family that fear the unknown (and anything that is not bread or pasta) so if I just don’t tell them, it’s better. And to be honest, these recipes made in a traditional way are Paleo anyway. Well… minus the desserts!

And now, your recipes!


Fig Tapenade with Walnut Crackers via Elana’s Pantry

BBQ Bacon Asparagus via Civilized Caveman Cooking

Paleo Guacamole Stuffed Deviled Eggs via Kim’s Healthy Eats

Side Dishes


Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad via What’s Gaby Cooking

Asparagus Quiche with Spaghetti Squash Crust via The Saffron Girl

Main Course

Herb Crusted Leg of Lamb via PaleOMG

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Zesty Dry Rub via Tide & Thyme


Lemon Bars via Taylor Made it Paleo

Raw Carrot Cake Balls via The Urban Poser

Of course, I created a Pinterest “Easter” board where you can find these recipes along with some other great options. I’m going to do my best to distract my family from pasta and cookies this Sunday, so please let me know how your Easter meals turn out!

What recipe would you most like to try?

What is your traditional Easter meal like?

 photo 2053607641370102151213_zps7412e731.png

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MIMM: Springing Around

April 14, 2014

Um, Hi Spring!! I hope you all had the opportunity to savor the wonderful weather this weekend and if you have today off, or Spring break for the remainder of the week…wanna trade? I could always use an extra day in the weekend, which means more marvelous. I had a marvelous cleaning spree on Saturday. I [...]

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WIAW: If it Fits in a Bowl

April 9, 2014

It’s Wednesday and I know how much you all love knowing when I’m eating. Why? I’m not really sure because lately if it fits in a bowl, I’ll eat it. My meals are essentially deconstructed messes, and none of them require “recipes” when all you’re doing is throwing things into a bowl and topping it [...]

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MIMM: When You Need to Slow Down

April 7, 2014

I like to think my case of bronchitis was a sign from the universe to slow down. I did, and I slept. A lot. And I plan on sleeping, a lot more. While I was awake for limited hours this weekend, I enjoyed the moments. It was difficult for me to do much of anything on [...]

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Thinking Out Loud No. 10

April 3, 2014

As if Thinking Out Loud Thursdays weren’t random enough, this post will be a jumble of anything. Mostly because I’m not feeling well and could use some sleep, like this one other time I got sick. If anything, it should be called “Coughing out Loud”. I recently got on a talk radio kick. It’s mostly [...]

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MIMM: Marchin’ On

March 31, 2014

Hi Monday. Are weekends getting shorter and shorter or is it just me? On the very bright side, tomorrow is April 1st, which means Summer is just around the corner! Okay, so Spring just began, but I’m being hopeful. Let’s get marvelous! Marvelous Keb Mo concert, which was really last week. I neglected my favorite [...]

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WIAW: Recent Finds, The Good and the Creepy

March 26, 2014

Oh hi there, friends! I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you. Since it’s been a while for everything, I thought it would be a fun day for some What I Ate Wednesdays. My favorite way to participate is by highlighting my recent foodie finds! Today, I have the good…and [...]

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MIMM: I Will Not Flag nor Fail

March 17, 2014

Did you miss me last week, friends? Well, I missed you. I wish I could say I was on vacation somewhere tropical, warm and beautiful but unfortunately, this was not the case. All I have to say is that life is unpredictable and sometimes it’s great, and sometimes, it’s not. Regardless, I still had a [...]

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MIMM: Pure-ly Marvelous Weekend

March 10, 2014

Is anyone else kinda bummed that our weekend was technically one hour shorter? I’m okay with it given that I was eating dinner while the sun was still shinning into my apartment. That was just a little of the marvelous going on over here this weekend. I attended a marvelous Pure Barre grand opening in [...]

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