What happens when the girls of Pure Barre head to OrangeTheory for a workout?


We dominate our v-ups.

OrangeTheory Fitness Fairfield
A little over a week ago, my fellow Pure Barre instructors and I went down to the road to OrangeTheory Fairfield. I have heard such great things about the studio and waited far too long to venture over. If you are not familiar with OrangeTheory, their model is based on 3 components: indoor rowing, treadmill training and weight training, all in a group training setting.There is no open gym, it is all class based with specifically designed workouts that change each day.

Since this was a special private session for just us girls, it gave us a great opportunity to ask as many questions before class started. Instructor, Ashley and studio manager, Jon were more than helpful in answering all of them (bless them). While we chatted and got rid of our nervous energy, we were supplied with heart rate monitors to strap across our upper bodies. Once we were all set, it was time get things started!

OrangeTheory Fitness Fairfield - Heart Rate Monitor
Since we were outfitted with those nifty heart rate monitors, we could check out our heart rate throughout the duration of class.

OrangeTheory Fitness Fairfield monitor
While each workout is unique, the format is generally the same. Class is broken into 2 parts: cardio and strength training. The members are often in separate groups, but since there were just a handful of us, we all started with cardio. In this particular class, we spent 25-30 minutes strictly on the treadmill. Word is that the rower is typically used in addition to the treadmill. Ashley called out various changes for a great HIIT cardio burn. Since this workout is tailored to any workout level, you can choose to power walk, jog or run during this period. The bursts of intensity and sprints depend upon each individual’s level.

OrangeTheory Fitness Studio
After cardio, it was time for my favorite – strength training! We headed over to a separate section of the studio where each individual station included a step, a variety of dumbbells and a TRX suspension band. We used the TRX for pushups and superset with alternating plank push-ups. Killer way to start! Our next superset (my favorite) were dumbbell thrusters and weighted burpees FTW. We finished with abs and I’m not trying to toot any horns (but I am), our v-ups were superb, as were our back extensions. Ah, the power of Pure Barre!

We finished with an amazing stretch using the foam roller. This was greatly appreciated after an intense non-stop workout. I don’t stretch nearly enough so to include it as part of class is an added benefit.

The girls and I all saw our results on the screen and I was pretty surprised to see most of my time was spent in the fat burning zone. We also received a follow up email with our results, which is very convenient to save to track improvements over time.

 Pure Barre ladies at OrangeTheory Fitness Fairfield
Similar to Pure Barre, each class is unique and challenging. You never know what to expect until you get there and get moving! OrangeTheory is great for those that prefer group fitness classes and are looking to improve their endurance and strength. You may also want to consider adding Pure Barre to your workout plan in addition to OrangeTheory. The combination of these two workouts will help build endurance, strength and flexibility! Classes are offered throughout the day, including early morning and later evening classes to accommodate all of our hectic schedules. You can view the full schedule and learn more about OrangeTheory Fairfield here. I should also mention your first class is FREE, so get on it!

OrangeTheory Fairfield is located at 525 Tunxis Hill Cut-Off, in the same plaza as Chips, perfect for that post workout fuel. :)

Have you tried OrangeTheory? 

Are you a fan of group fitness classes?

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I have a special guest blogger today, my friend and owner of MEEonthego, Gabriel Martinez.

A little about Gabriel:
Gabriel is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and owner of a Stamford based company called MEEonthego. His fitness background started at a young age when he took up various forms of martial arts including Tae Kwon Do and Gōjū-ryu Karate. This passion for physical awareness and the human body drove him down a path to personal training, receiving his certification at the age of 17. He is nationally certified through ISSA & ASFA and has trained at multiple gyms throughout New York and Connecticut to enhance his knowledge and experience in the world of fitness. These days, Gabriel is focused on his affordable, personal training service and Connecticut’s first mobile fitness center, MEEonthego. It should also be noted that he’s lucky enough to be engaged to my dear friend, Amanda! He’s here today to talk about one of our favorite topics… SQUATS.

Gabe and Amanda - MEEonthego
(Photo Credit: Amanda Romaniello)
Don’t worry, about a thing, because every little squat, will improve your life.

Quoting the late great Mr. Bob Marley or at least paraphrasing. Either way those words expressed our inalienable desire for happiness and our tendency to stress anything and everything. But why?

Why are we all so stressed?
Why is the economy or our jobs or lack there of stressing us out?
Why are relationships, meant to bring joy, tearing us apart?
Why is there hardship & pain, depression & sorrow, war & crime, hate &…stress.


Well the answer is that there is no answer for why but rather a solution to all of your troubles. Ok, maybe more of an inch of hope or sliver of happiness found in your depths. Deep in the cave were your primitive man awaits to be awoken. You have it in you. Grab hold and release your inner beast! The one that picks things up and puts them down(Arnold voice). The beast with the soft side on the elliptical or the one craving the HEAVIEST SQUAT EVER! Yea that one. Find it, use it and never let go. Because It’ll eat your stress and spit it out.

Squatting - MEEonthego
(Photo Credit: Amanda Romaniello)

One more thing.

Live, laugh, love & lunge into a healthier, can do, stress free you this year. Take no prisoners, attack your goals and DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT forget to feed the beast. Because Its always hungry. Hungry for a good workout. Happy Exercising!

 photo 1000 Reps to Strong Legs 1_zps42jkksb5.png

Check out MEEonthego for their innovative training programs and fitness at your door. Stay tuned for a complete review about this door-to-door training and TRUCK! (Really, check out the truck here!)

Do you exercise to relieve stress? 

Which exercise makes you feel your strongest?

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