A Day at the Warhouse Gym

by Maria on November 5, 2014

I finally got the opportunity to attend the “Halloween” Warhouse camp with Dana Linn and Rob Bailey!  I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew it would be a unique experience, and that it was! So if you haven’t been able to attend or want to, I thought I’d help break it down and give you a little peek into what happens at the Warhouse.

A few things to know…

1. Be prepared to travel! Living in Connecticut, we aren’t far from Pennsylvania. However, camp begins at 9am and you’ll want to be there earlier to check in and shop the store. We left Friday afternoon and with traffic, we arrived at the hotel in about 3 hours. A portion of that time was spent driving through small towns in PA and a lot of cornstalks…a lot. Our 3 hour trek didn’t seem that bad when we saw license plates from Georgia, Indiana, and Maryland! People come from all over, even Australia! Just goes to show you how dedicated Flag nor Fail fans really are!

2. Dress appropriately! The Warhouse is a warehouse and a gym. I wore a tank, a flannel, a bubble vest and leggings. I was comfortable, but it can get chilly so layers are a good idea. You’ll also want to work out at the end of the day so either bring a change of clothes or come dressed for a workout!

3. Bring snacks. They do provide lunch and have vendors, like Quest and Muscleiscious Foods providing samples but I defintiely felt myself get hungry before lunch, so I was happy to have a bar on hand!

4. Bring a Notebook/pen. I’m a note-taker in general, but it’s a good idea to jot down the training, business, and nutrition tips Dana and Rob provide. Good stuff!

A rundown of the day…

Check-in: When we arrived to check-in, we got the sweeteset goodie bag ever! SO many samples and a great bag from 1st Phorm to stash it all in.

 photo photo53_zps75133e00.jpg

 photo photo14_zpsd855decd.jpg

Shopping: We shopped the Flag nor Fail store for some goodies. I purchased a zip up hoodie, a tank top and a t-shirt for my brother. There is a great selection of items that are no longer available online, you may just want all the things.

Sampling! We had some tasty treats from Musclelicious Foods who were handing out samples of their various puddings. I tried the cinnamon roll which was pretty good but Donna and Del also raved about their peanut butter chocolate and butterfinger flavors. I also had a sample of their Protein Peanut Butter balls and OH. MY. GOD. So good!  Quest was also on hand and I did manage to get a bag of the BBQ protein chips. I had them the following day and they were pretty good!

 photo photo43_zps75e8686e.jpg
Muscle Meds were also on hand, as was Jeff Logan who trained with Dana (more on that later).

Time to get started! Who better to kick things off than Rob Bailey’s mother! “Robbie” as she liked to refer to him, had quite a challenging upbringing but listening to her tell his story really gave insight into what drives Rob Bailey. And since it was the “Halloween” camp, Rob, Dana and staff were all dressed in 80′s attire.

 photo photo21_zps44a5d981.jpg

Rob and Dana spent some time talking about their childhood, college, when/how they met and all the great, and not so great things that followed.

"I don't train for the trophies, I train for me." ~Dana Linn Bailey

Rob then went into Business and Marketing, which for me is a big deal. While I enjoy chatting about marketing, Rob’s points really resonated with me, mostly because each sentence included the words fuck and shit. That’s the type of business I do. But it’s not his potty mouth, its his honesty that makes Flag Nor Fail different from every other brand out there.

"If you try hard, you can do whatever the fuck you want." ~Rob Bailey
Dana chatted about nutrition and I was pretty surprised that she follows a pretty basic diet. She eats every 3-4 hours and does not count calories. She’s not into supplements and guess what she advises? EAT REAL FOOD. Amen, sister!

By the time lunch rolled around, I was starving! I was psyched to learn that Rocbody Fitness Cafe was providing lunch. They are located in New Rochelle, NY and provide healthy, simple and delicious meals! I picked up grilled chicken, veggies and rice. There was a TON of chicken, and while I ate it all, I wish there were more veggies. I love my veggies!

 photo photo51_zps32db0f4d.jpg
We had some extra time so we headed down to the garage to check out the Porches!

 photo photo22_zps0c0f62fe.jpg

 photo photo12_zps30893323.jpg

We also had to take pictures with the enormous Dana outside.

 photo photo24_zps71a1f610.jpg

 photo photo14_zps6bb01bcd.jpg

After lunch, it was all about training. I really love Dana’s insight and philosophies, particularly regarding training styles. “Train how you like to train.” Dana doesn’t like plyometrics, so guess what? She doesn’t do them. She does what she likes and pushes herself hard! And clearly, it provides results. Am I right?

"Comfortable isn't going to make you better." ~Dana Linn Bailey

Now, for the best part of the day…watching Dana train with Jeff Logan. It just so happened to be  ”chest” day. They started with an incline  chest press on the smith machine. In this particular exercise they ended the final two sets with a slow push for 15 seconds, then 3 full reps, then 15 seconds and 3 full reps. You can sense the challenge and how hard Dana pushed herself, even past failure.

 photo photo41_zpsfaa8b505.jpg
They continued their chest workout as we moved over to the cables in the gym. One move I am really interested in trying is a kneeling straight bar push press, which they superset with dips.

 photo photo13_zps695394ee.jpg
Something you’ll notice at the Warhouse is the custom equipment, made in their basement. Check out this custom chest press machine.

 photo photo23_zpsedcc9c30.jpg
After Dana’s workout, we continued with open questions about training, nutrition, contest prep and business. Dana and Rob were fantastic in addressing everyone’s questions and answering as honestly as possible. They really put it out there and that’s just one of the reasons I hold so much respect for them. Finally, after everyone had their pre-workouts it was time for open gym! Because we had such a long drive ahead of us and didn’t plan to spend the night again, we opted out of open gym but not without getting the opportunity to ask  Dana some training questions. I won’t divulge the details yet because I hope to blog about this in depth later on. I’ll just keep you guessing until then.
 photo photo33_zpsa917322a.jpg
Three hours later I was home, but still running off a high from camp. I could NOT wait to get to the gym in the morning, and when I did I immediately headed to the squat rack. There is nothing better than a quiet Sunday morning and an empty squat rack.

 photo photo34_zps1412d683.jpg
So what were my biggest take aways from camp? There were a ton, but most importantly it’s the honesty, passion and drive that I saw in Dana and Rob. Three qualities I hope to carry with me, both inside and outside of the gym.

For more behind the scene pictures from camp, check out the Warhouse blog post.

Have you ever attended a Warhouse camp? 

What questions would you want to ask Dana or Rob?

 photo 2053607641370102151213_zps7412e731.png

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Believe in Angels

by Maria on October 15, 2014

Oops, it’s been a while friends! But I’m here, just trying to keep up with everything. I’m sure you all understand how that goes…

However,  I’m still running off a high from a great event I attended on Sunday. The Fighting Angels Foundation held their very first 5k in Milford. The foundation was started to bring awareness and to find a cure for Angelman Syndrome, a rare neuro-genetic disorder that results in delayed development, intellectual disability, speech impairment, and problems with movement and balance. Baby Joey was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome and his family has done an amazing job by creating this foundation and setting out to find a cure for him and all the other “angels.”

On Sunday, just over 300 people gathered outside the Greek Spot Cafe in Milford for a chilly run! There was an amazing show of support from friends, family and the “gym” family! While the morning was chilly, we all quickly warmed up once we got started!

 photo mimm1013start_zps21bbd966.jpg
I have to say, I haven’t really focused on running lately and right off the bat, I was not feeling comfortable. The cold was likely the main factor. But once I got past that first 1/2 mile, I was really hitting my stride! The views were gorgeous as we ran along the beach and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful foliage as well. I had no choice really, I forgot my iPod at home. Running without music and no running companion was new to me, and while it wasn’t terrible, it was also not ideal. It made the heavy breathing of people ahead of me and behind me that much more noticeable.

I was not surprised to see Gabe and Amanda casually waiting once I got to the finish line. They are the cutest and fastest couple I know. While we waited for Donna and Del, we used the time wisely. We took a selfie.

 photo mimm1013trio_zps21a6b3d4.jpg
Since the Greek Spot was a sponsor (and a great host at that), breakfast gyros and sandwiches awaited us. We had made plans for breakfast afterwards, so I didn’t want to spoil my appetite although it sounded (and looked) so tasty!

Soon enough, the top 50 times were posted and I was not surprised to see Amanda placing 3rd overall female! I crossed the finish line at 25:10. Pretty sure  it was my fastest 5k to date! I placed #37 overall. Not too shabby.

 photo mimm1013view_zps758221eb.jpg
We were all  feeling much warmer at this point as we hung around at the beautiful beach and cheered Amanda on as she received her medals!

 photo mimm1013amanda_zps73ada846.jpg
 photo mimm1013group_zpsf31f185f.jpg
The volunteers and committee for the foundation did a phenomenal job organizing this event! It’s so inspiring to see so many people come together to help fight for an amazing cause. I feel so blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by these amazing group of people and friends!

And what’s a Sunday funday with the gym family without breakfast? We looked up places in the area and came across Pop’s Family Restaurant. It was pretty busy but we only waited 15 minutes for a table. Of course, we all ordered our usual omelettes and well done home fries!

 photo mimm1013bfast_zps743183a7.jpg
Full belly, full heart. I’d say it was a pretty good day.

Make sure to check out The Fighting Angels Foundation, donate to the cause and stay tuned for upcoming events!

Have you run any charity based 5ks recently?

Running: With or without music?

 photo 2053607641370102151213_zps7412e731.png

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