MIMM: Keep on Keepin On

by Maria on August 11, 2014

So there was this girl that used to blog… remember her? HI friends! I’m here, I’m here! I felt an update was long overdue and even more so when I got this tweet…

 photo mimm811tweet_zpsec3eba6b.png
My heart smiled SO big!! This meant so much to me for a number of reasons. First, as you know, I had a big birthday a few weeks ago. The big 3-0! I quickly left for Vegas for work, then took a detour in Denver (more to come on that soon) and since then, things haven’t really slowed down. I find myself reminding myself multiple times a day that I need to keep on keeping on. So to hear that I’m inspiring someone inspires ME to keep going!

 photo mimm811keepon_zpsbe551c2e.jpg
While I have many updates and lots of exciting news ahead, let’s focus on the all that’s marvelous right now!

Last week was the marvelous annual Damon Runyon 5k at Yankee Stadium. As you know, I’ve run this for the past 4 years. You can read about my previous years here. It was a very special run this year with both of my brothers and I running in honor of my mom.

 photo mimm811_zps7fc71e41.jpg
See those t-shirts? Made by yours truly! I owe the logo design to my coworker, Amanda. The ironing was all me!

 photo mimm8115kgrou_zps7b5aba55.jpg
I stuck by my brother’s side the whole time and we all crossed the finish line within seconds of each other. I know my mom was grinning from ear to ear!

So while my “to-do” list has been growing exponentially, and I’ve even reduced the amount of sleep I’m getting to gain extra minutes, there is one thing I will never comprise on and that’s time with my family.

An afternoon at the pool with my nieces was marvelous!

 photo mimm811pool_zpsdff66291.jpg
It was hot, and the pool was cold so it was a perfect way to cool off!

Family time didn’t end there! My dad loves bowling so I picked up a Groupon for AMF Bowling in Norwalk.

 photo mimm811bowl_zpsabe7dff8.jpg
It’s a good thing we went today because they are closing for renovations tomorrow! On the bright side, the new bowling alley, Bowlmor sounds absolutely amazing! There will be an outdoor patio and fire pits!

 photo mimm811bowl2_zps542c7813.jpg
Bowling is always a hit or miss for me. I don’t have a particular style but I did bowl a 126 for my highest game today! I actually beat my Dad a couple times, but I didn’t gloat.

My brother is marvelous for donating his garden treats! Thanks to him, I haven’t had to buy lettuce in weeks! I made a refreshing salad with it along with the cucumbers he gave me, watermelon, red onions and a bit of Gorgonzola. I would have preferred goat cheese but the Gorgonzola was leftover from a bbq and it needs to get used.

 photo mimm811salad_zpsa671c047.jpg
So that’s a really quick recap and I promise there is so much more ahead! For now, I’m going to stay focused, keep on keepin on and do my best to continue to inspire, the same way that you all inspire me!

 photo mimm811inspire_zps186b6e68.jpg
What is marvelous in your Monday? 

Who/What inspires you each day?

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Feeling Strong at Kong Crossfit Norwalk

by Maria on July 16, 2014

Fairfield County has no shortage of Crossfit boxes, but how do you pick which one to go to? It’s times like these when Groupons come in handy! A few months back, I purchased a Groupon for Kong Crossfit in Norwalk. I had heard about it and since it was so close to my office (at the time), it really was a no brainer. It was also nice to find out that an old college friend, Will was also a trainer (UCONN representin’!)

 photo Kong_zps1753f744.jpg
The Groupon terms included 6 on-ramp classes. Will suggested that I just meet with him to review the basics and see if I should just skip the on-ramp since I’ve done Crossfit in the past. I decided that since I had never officially been on-ramped at any box, I probaly should, especially since I was a little rusty. I’m a stickler for form and would rather be safe than sorry!

I signed up for the late morning on-ramp classes with trainer, TJ. The class format started with a warm up and a lot of stretching, something I admittedly rarely do. After that, we reviewed movements and practiced form and technique. Often, what we practice is included in the WOD (Workout of the Day). An example of an on-ramp workout we completed:

3 Rounds for Time

  • Run
  • Wall Balls
  • KB Swings

I didn’t list the length or reps because well… I forgot. It was a while ago and I can barely remember what I did yesterday. Actually, I’m quite surprised that I remembered this much!

Other on-ramp WOD exercises included push press, knees to elbow (variation on toes to bar), assisted pull ups, snatch, and others I’ve forgotten, but I loved them all!

After on-ramp it was time for the real deal! Lucky for me, I didn’t have to go it alone. My coworker, Nicole is already a member of Kong, so she and I were able to get to some classes together (and ditch work). I call that a win/win. This is Nicole and me post burpee/box jump WOD, thrilled that it was OVER.

 photo Kongmenicole_zps30911df5.jpg
So in short, here are all the things I liked about Kong Crossfit:

1. The schedule. Early morning, mid morning, late morning, afternoon, evening. Something for everyone. I really liked the late morning classes because it was a smaller group, and it really re-energized me while also breaking up my work day. I eat lunch at my desk anyway…

2. The trainers. They all kick ass, and didn’t mind my foul language during WODs. Their focus on technique and form was remarkable and something I really value in trainers.

3. The facility. The box itself is SO large, the equipment is always stored away neatly, it’s clean and the art work is pretty fancy.

 photo Kongballs_zps054682bc.jpg

 photo Kongape_zps4fffc06d.jpg
4. The location. Very easy to get to in Norwalk with plenty of parking. It’s also conveniently located across the street from Valencia, you know, if you’re into delicious food (guacamole) post WOD.

5. The people. The other members are extremely warm, welcoming, and most importantly, encouraging! When you’re battling through those tough workouts, encouragement from others plays a very large part in pushing through! They never once made me feel like a newbie.

Unfortunately for me, the end of my month was also when I found out I got a job in Cos Cob, which is not near Valencia or Kong. I was pretty bummed, but now I know I can enthusiastically recommend Kong for anyone looking for a top-class Crossfit box in Norwalk. Oh and imagine the odds…there is a Groupon currently running for 12 classes at $49, or $30 if you go into the deal with friends. Get the details here.

For more information about Kong Crossfit programs, visit their website - kongcrossfit.com

What is most important to you when trying out a new Crossfit box (or gym)?

If you had to choose, burpees or wall balls?

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